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If anyone would have told me that I would be teaching and coaching about Online Course Creation and Online Presence in combination with Energy Awareness when I was 18 I would have laugh pretty hard.

Internet just became public, it was slow as f* when trying to browse for something, image resolution was crappy and there were no videos. 

In short, seriously, what is this web stuff anyway? 

At that time I was in art school and even though the internet was a mystery, I felt disappointed that the design department was not offering web design as I could sense that it was going to become important in the future.

Have you ever felt that there was something “there” for you but as you didn’t have the words or people around you to show you the way, you dismissed the calling?

In fact, you might experience it right now with a calling to create a Signature Program but you don’t have anyone in your network that could guide you, and information available on the web feels quite intense.

That’s exactly what made me ignore my calling for web design and choosing a “paying bill” job right after graduating in design. I ended up starting a career as a secretary. Quite the opposite to design and far from teaching you may think.

Maybe you also had different careers before doing what you do or perhaps you are doing your first transition to something else. Maybe they are clearly related or completely different and you struggle to find how they connect.

Well, one thing I learned is that not only every road leads to Rome but that every path will teach you what you need to do what you are here for.

I get that. It took me a while to understand my path. 

The secretarial job allowed me to enter the humanitarian world and awake the teacher in me while helping my colleagues to understand computer programs. Having dyslexia, not only the teacher in me was asleep but in fact, I would never have imagined that I had it in me as I had felt so stupid while attending the standard scholar system. Yet, it is precisely my struggle to learn that taught me how to making things simple and accessible for others so that they would never feel less than…

And I bet you too transcended difficulties that gift you today with the skills and wisdom you want to transmit today. Am I right?

While the teacher woke up, my inner geek got curious about web design, collaborative space, and e-learning as a hobby which allowed me to change my job and become an information management adviser. 

That is how the Universe raised the techy aspect of my coaching, but it was definitely not done teaching me so that I could embrace my path.

Coming back from 5 years of humanitarian missions abroad at 35, I experienced a total loss of purpose. I felt lost, confused, exhausted, and not where I was meant to be any longer.

I was facing a massive dark night of the soul.

I grabbed the pencils I had dropped when finishing art school and started drawing to express my feelings on paper (at least I thought they were feelings). 

But that wasn’t enough and I needed help, and that is how I met the energy world and its crowd.

I got hooked very fast. 

My body was buzzing so much that I had to learn energy healing and then to reconnect my mind, emotions, and body, I also learned NLP. 

At the same time, freeflow writing started to pour out of me with every meditation and I started realizing that what I was drawing was sometimes an expression of my feelings but most of the time picking up on others’ feelings or collective energies expression.

I was as amused as scared at the same time. I mean, that was so far from the logical environment I had encountered so far. 

If you too had an awakening you know how uncomfortable it is and also how curiosity can help you persuing. Well, if we look at it, that is the same spirit that will help you to move toward online realms.

You feel the calling, you are intrigued, have maybe (or likely) some moment where you scare and want to run away. But the calling is stronger, so you dip your toe each day a bit deeper into this new world.

In fact, energy and channeling were so interesting that I closed the door to all things related to information management and teaching about tech because I was so convinced they had no place in my more spiritual life. I just didn’t see the connection as I’d never seen or heard of anyone combining these approaches.

But other therapists, healers, and coaches kind of sensed the connection and showed me the way by asking my support for their website and then the creation of their online courses “because you are good at tech and understand what we are speaking about…” and I had a load of fun helping them.

Well, it took me a couple of years and a bit of a spiritual ego face to face to realize that I wasn’t meant to have a practice with a massage table. Where I was feeling the most joyful was actually when I was helping coaches, healers, or therapists like you to bring self-consciousness and healing through the web (yet I still do have the massage table).

When I finally understood that I could BE SPIRITUAL & DIGITAL, and integrate all aspects of me in one job, it felt so freeing! I could finally be me on every level of my life.

Today, it is my mission to help you to use you JOY as a compass to bring your projects, online course or signature program to life without feeling like you have to dismiss a part of yourself, hustle, or twist your values and:

  • Identify your silver thread to connect and embody the connection between your services online and offline.
  • Discover you know more than you thought to create your program.
  • Connect better with your future clients.
  • Unleash your uniqueness

Even more, that JOY is a powerful activator to bring really powerful teachings and projects into the world!!! 

Yet, joy is not the only activating energy, others are needed too when you want to create a healthy and sustainable business (on or offline). To let the joy be your compass, you need to nurture and care for your inner safety, your confidence, your trust in life, your power. You also want to heal your ego and any limiting beliefs that could slow you down.

With my book “The Chakra Blueprint for Online Course Creator,” you can connect with these energies to understand what they can trigger and what needs to be freed to blossom with your Signature Program.

But if like me you need to experience, exchange, learn and have human interaction to fully integrate your process… and, feel less alone while walking the path, then you can also connect directly with me through a discovery coaching session.

I’d love to meet you and your project.

Christel Mesey

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