Free yourself


“Forgiving is not forgetting. Forgiving is moving from a state of injury to that of healing. It has nothing to do with the others, but all to do with your recovery.”
Christel Mesey

Let go of the past to welcome your future

Release your-self from your own pain 

Step back and feed yourself from the wonders of who made you grow: yourself 

 Step into your inner peace process

Let go of what does not serve your joy

Living Your Alchemy is giving you the means to create your well-being

Forgive yourself

Forgive yourself for having suffered, for having stayed silent, for having being afraid, for not knowing better, for having sought love through others before giving it to yourself.

Forgive others

Go beyond grief or pain to discover what you have built in your life. Uncover your treasure and grow your compassion.

Free your heart

Choose to move your status from victim or wound to healing and owning your life.

This forgiveness course was the start of a deep self-reflection for me on this topic that is staying with me until today. I loved the mix of theory, meditation, self-reflection and creative work. It felt like a profound cleansing session and gave me so much energy at the end. I can already say that it will become a yearly ritual!! Thank you Christel!

Delphine B. - Geneva - Switzerland

I was angry with someone who was never satisfied despite the time and energy I spent for him. My head was screaming for injustice in circles. I realized through this workshop that I was responsible for letting myself be “manipulated” by not listening to my needs and not daring saying no. The awareness and these forgiveness allowed me to listen to myself, to finally respect myself. Thank you very much for this gift!

Claire M. - Geneva - Switzerland

Recognize and validate your history to step into your mastery

Using creativity to heal

Using creativity is a way to enhance the integration of your thinking process. When using your hands to express needs, discoveries in a creative way, it allows your brain to tap into different neuronal connexion and intuition as well as your emotional intelligence. It is a playful way to discover yourself beyond logic, assumption or beliefs. In addition, it will help you to integrate your change and discoveries at deep level as both your mind and body are working with you.

You will be invited to realease your thought and emotions what ever you talent is. Here we aim simply to express and play with colours to tap into your intuition as a self-healing tool.

Your Online tools

A 10 journey to step into a process of forgiveness. You will find audios and videos to take you along this fully autonomous journey.

Expect to have about 30 mintues to 1 hour of personal work per module.

The rhythm is set so that you get one new module per day. It allows space for integrating the process. 

Once you get onboard you get a life long access to the online tools. It means that if you need more time to complete the journey, you can do it at your own pace.

Your coach & methodology creator

Christel Mesey
Founder of Joy Whisperers – Life coach, NLP Master practitioner, Healer, Intuitive Artist

Christel has coached and trained personal growth enthusiasts all over the world. It is through her 10 years of humanitarian work in Africa, Asia and Europe, that she discovered her passion for knowledge transmission and coaching. She is a certified trainer and NLP Master practitioner as well as energy healer.

Her mantra – from self discovery to self recovery – led her to create personal growth tools and workshops. These tools offer support and assist all individuals looking for self discovery and growth. One of her best selling personal development tool is Drao Oracle, a deck of card for personal growth.

It is her own alchemy and personal transformational process that infused all her training program with sincerity and real life experience.