“Approach personal development with the curiosity of a treasure hunter and you will discover your wonders”

Christel Mesey

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Online Coaching & learning

Take on an online coaching combining individual work and one on one or group sessions to support you in your transformational journey.

Build up you new relationship with yourself, revisit limiting beliefs and build your self confidence in alignement with who you are.

Befriend your body, transform your emotions into your best teacher and your mind into the activator of you life. Become your own master.

Coaching, NLP & Healing

Enjoy individual sessions of Life Coaching or NLP to over come limiting beliefs, grow your self-confidence and awakening your resources.

Experience Energy Healing in person or remotly to free yourself from pain or emotional charges in your body.


Drao Oracle, 52 cards for personal growth that will support you in time of transition, introspection and changes. Enjoy an inspiration that will help you to grow your mastery of self.

You will also find refill tools for the Living your Alchemy workshops and intuitive art works.

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